Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with photographer and writer Mark Vieira. Vieira makes glamour portraits in the classic Hollywood mode, working in the historic Granada Buildings, where George Hurrell had his first Los Angeles studio.

George Hurrell gave the Golden Age of Hollywood its glossy sheen and soft-focus seductiveness. He was the foremost publicity stills photographer of the day - a man responsible for creating icons. Hurrell’s portfolio reads like an A-list who’s who: Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Lawrence Olivier, Rita Hayworth, to name a few. Many stars refused to sit for anyone else. [Matilda Battersby for the Independent]

Vieira writes books about the artists, genres, and photographic technique of Hollywood’s Golden Era. He’s written seventeen books since 1988, giving voices to George Hurrell, Tony Curtis, Boris Karloff, Greta Garbo, Irving Thalberg, Joan Crawford, and Norma Shearer. He publicizes his books with exhibitions of photographs that he prints by hand from original Hollywood negatives.

It was a thrill to sit with Vieira and photographer Armando Gallo and talk about dark room printing. Afterwards I was able to share selections from the Hollywood Foreign Press archives with Vieira who was able to help me identify who had taken some of the 1940s/50s prints.

Photos by Armando Gallo for the HFPA