Jim James and Duane Michals discuss the Illuminated Man. On his new album 'Uniform Distortion,' Jim James investigates the way that modern life over-saturates us with info, opinions and rhetoric. When he came across photographer Duane Michals' "The Illuminated Man,' an image of a person's head "exploding with light," in a copy of the classic 'The Last Whole Earth Catalog,' the leader of My Morning Jacket knew that it paralleled some of the ideas floating through his current batch of songs. "There's a real crisis right now of 'how do we cut through this distortion, how do we get back to the truth'?," he says in our exclusive interview. James wrote to Michals for permission to use his photo, and ultimately got it. But the two had never met in person, so Vevo hooked 'em up in NYC and they had a chance to share ideas about their collaboration. "What if tomorrow the power went out and the Internet was gone and we were all forced to act locally? I think that would make us a lot more compassionate." Very cool story, and best heard in their own words.

Producer: Priya Minhas